About Njewellery

Australian beach black rocks

Gday, we are Natalia and Ilya. Nice to meet you here!

We are a small, family run business of the artists-jeweller and the technologist, creating and making unique pieces in Australia.

Natalia is a passionate artist dedicated to creating emotive and sophisticated wearable masterpieces. Her journey is a fusion of artistic expression and elegance, resulting in pieces that resonate on a deeper level.

Ilya is a technologist,tool maker and the metal mixer, who loves to develop new techniques.

We work with Australian gold and silver, both newly mined and recycled.

We cut and polish most of gemstones ourselves.

Majority of stones we use are sourced from Australian miners directly. Some stones that are not occurring in Australia, we source from responsible wholesalers.

Based in Australia, we draw inspiration from its stunning landscapes, wildlife, and nature. Our mission is to infuse colour, joy, and lasting memories into your special moments through the jewellery art.