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Enameled Copper Bowl "Red hot burning heart"

Enameled Copper Bowl "Red hot burning heart"

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Australian made

Introducing the Enameled Copper Bowl 'Red Hot Burning Heart,' a striking and passionate piece that combines vibrant design with functional elegance. This handcrafted bowl features a dynamic 'Red Hot Burning Heart' design in fiery red enamel, evoking the intense beauty of a hot lava. Perfect as a decorative centerpiece, this bowl adds a bold and artistic touch to any space.


  • Size 7,5cm in diameter approximately
  • Handcrafted enameled copper bowl
  • Intense 'Red Hot Burning Heart' design with fiery red and orange hues
  • Durable and long-lasting enamel finish
  • Ideal for storing jewelry and as a decorative piece
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