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Shamrock Fine Silver Earrings - Handcrafted in AU

Shamrock Fine Silver Earrings - Handcrafted in AU

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Shamrock (seamróg) Earrings, Fine Silver (999), Handmade in Australia, one of a kind Each piece is unique and one of a kind, handmade in our workshop in Australia. It will slightly differ from the photos. Approximate length of the earring is including the hook is 26mm. Hooks are made from sterling silver (925), The main body of the earring is made out of pure silver (999) and will not tarnish. Shimmering shamrock earrings to make any outfit lucky! Each piece is handcrafted in Australia with love and care, making it uniquely yours (sorry, it won't change your luck at the slots). With a sterling silver hook and a pure silver body, these earrings are as long-lasting as the Irish spirit they embody.


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